Pink And Gold Theme Birthday Decor By Bunny Bash

This birthday theme decor is an excellent example of simplicity and grace. The host asked us to come up with a simple decor plan without any cartoon characters cutouts! We have presented this theme to him and was very happy with the outcome.

birthday decor

Venue: Courtyard Mariott, Outer Ring Road, Belandur, Bengaluru

Decor Budget: 24999

birthday decor

Backdrop Elements:

  • MDF Backdrop Hanger with spray paint
  • Paper fans and paper danglers
  • Artificial flowers and creepers

Entry Gate Elements:

  • Welcome board print with easel stand
  • Lycra Cloth and paper fans
  • Decorative plants and cycle
  • The light effect with parcan light

Hello World!


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So, once again NAMASTE!

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