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10 Insanely Useful Camping Products For Your First Or Upcoming Night Camping | Couple Camping | Duo Camping | A Romantic Camping Trip | Weekend Camping

Let’s think romance and romantic surprises beyond the restaurant table and chocolate box. Nothing can be more romantic than lying below the stars, a campfire sidewise, two love birds inside a double sleeping bag and the silence singing romantic songs.

If you’re like me and have exhausted every avenue when it comes to romantic dates. I say look no further than grabbing your ‘significant other’ and heading outdoors to enjoy a night under the stars. Below I’ll outline the camping essentials for couples, which will change up their usual date nights.

  1. A Backpack with Poncho: A Backpack of 40-55 liters is ideal for a night camping. This bag can be used to place a tent, air bed, sleeping bags, hammock, dinner box, and an essential tool kit box. Campfire woods bundle and a pair of camping chairs can be handled separately. Poncho will save you from uncalled rain. You may carry night suits if you wish to!
  2. Waterproof Tent: 60*90 inch tent is ideal for a ‘couple camping’, which will provide you space for keeping for bags and belongings.
  3. Air Bed With Pump: One can go for a 60*72 inch air bed with a manual pump (remember no electricity available at camping site). Please check the bed puncture before rolling it.
  4. A Sleeping Bag With an Inflatable Pillow: Duo Sleeping will help you guys keep warm if in case the temperature goes down to melt you guys.
  5. Ice Bag For Water Bottles And Drinks): Carry a portable Ice Bag filled with a water bottle, soft drinks or maybe wine!
  6. Dinner Box: Make at home or order it online! Make sure to keep it in airtight dinner box because at last ‘PAAPI PET KA SAWAL HAI’ (it’s all about hungry stomach)
  7. Rechargeable Lamp: Keep one or a pair of a rechargeable lamp (make sure to recharge it properly before packing)
  8. Pair Of Camping Chair / Hammock: You can carry any one or both of them! A hammock will be useless if you do not find any trees to bind it. Camping chairs will be ideal to share some romantic and light moments outside the tent.
  9. Essential Kit   A very necessary element according to me! Add a knife, small scissor, cutter, lighter or a matchbox, Band-Aid, Antacid, Paracetamol tablets and most important Condoms (if you are planning sensual encounters at the campsite).
  10. Lighter with Campfire Woods: Add spark to your romantic moments with a campfire. Make sure woods are not wet and carry some camphor to get it easily lit up.

“There will be no wifi and camping site, but I promise you will find a better connection.” In a world where we are connected 24/7 and never want to miss a moment, it’s important to disconnect from the outside world and live in the moment with your significant other; nothing says I LOVE YOU OR CARE FOR YOU like your undivided attention.

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