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5 Ways To Approach Your College Crush

I know that your interest in the topic has landed you here! But remember two things before going forward!

  • I am not a Love Guru or a Playboy! Just sharing experiences and stories I have been round off with!
  • If you really planning to approach your crush very soon then TRUST YOURSELF AND REMEMBER THAT NO ONE WILL JUDGE YOU FOR TRYING.

College is a time period when you forgot about the neighbor aunties gossip and judgments and start following your heart! If you follow your heart and do what feels right to you, “fitting in” becomes an unfulfilling aspiration. And when it comes to a friend, you will find them! Take advantage of college orientation, meetups, and festivals. Sit next to someone and introduce yourself, it’s not “weird” to be friendly.

There is really a very thin line between best friend, girlfriend and a crush. To make it simpler to understand let me strike one example! You can share non-veg jokes with your friend, you can share a joke with your girlfriend (being naughty personally is different), but when it comes to CRUSH you just wish to share better moments and cherish it.

The first approach to your crush can be nerve-racking. Shivering and static electric body accompanying hundreds of questions with self-satisfying answers, the worry of ignorance from the other side and resulting image within the group of college are enough to bring a wave of anxiety. Expressing yourself is never a crime, so prepare yourself, have the right attitude and go for it! Fear of rejection is our worst enemy. 

  1. Common Approach Is To Find Common Things To Talk About: The direct approach seems difficult but it’s a quick and bold step. Common things can be anything from ‘organizing a college fest’, ‘social fundraising program’, or even ‘the experience with some particular lecturer’. Please do not consider the jotted approaches only, believe me, there are hundreds of more ways! You can even start your conversation even about the next class with innocence! Remember that as long as you’re respectful, it’s unlikely that you’ll be judged for innocently introducing yourself to someone.
  2. Start With Social Media Friend Request! But Do Not Enter The ‘Friend Zone’: Facebook to Instagram followup is trending and safer way to approach. Sending a follow-up request or friend request is safe and decent being from the same college! Adding a small note of your introduction will work better. If your request is accepted then it eliminates the awkwardness feeling within you of direct approach and gives your crush some time to process before responding. I am again emphasizing on ‘expressing yourself boldly’ because if you act all shy and innocent, they’ll automatically “Friend Zone” you.
  3. Join or Merge Group! Take Caffeine Advantage: The word ‘GROUP’ has unlimited opportunities in college life, you just need to take advantage of groups like a study group, outing group, college band, etc. If you don’t have one, make it. Take advantage of being a coordinator and manage it actively. Organize after college coffee meetups to share some light and humorous moments. Remember! There is a difference between being humorous and a joker, also there is a thin line between coming across as flirty or creepy. Don’t go throwing yourself at your crush. You should be able to distinguish between having a crush on someone and being obsessed with them.
  4. Stay Active! ‘How’s The Josh?’: Laughter always breaks the ice, do this in moderation or else you stand to be friend-zoned. Take part in a lot of college activities and events. Join the drama club or the debate team or even pick up a sport that suits you. This helps build your self-esteem and confidence and takes you out of your introverted, shy-guy shell. Once you’re active in college, you will be a known face and it will build an image for you that’ll help you gain popularity too, along with some confidence.
  5. Plan Group Camping, Start Duo Vlogging: Firstly, this point may not work with everyone, but mostly does with people having an interest in adventure, content making, explorer and bloggers like us! Imagine this: A night in the wilderness under the stars, sitting around a campfire, showing your grilling skills, exchanging stories and most important- a perfect setup to strike someone’s heart.  You can also approach your crush to start a YouTube Channel featuring DUO and can vlog on many interesting topics like street food, college fashion, weekend getaways, etc.

No matter what the outcome, put yourself in a position where you don’t care whether your crush likes you back or not, this’ll help you deal with rejection which you might have to face. BEST OF LUCK!